An introduction

The goal of this blog is simple–to be a repository for my musings on books, film, video games, and whatever other topics I feel compelled to explore. It is a truly joyful thing to think deeply about something, to dwell on it and play with it, and so this blog will be an essai, an attempt to play with the means of expression that have effected me most. While the name of the blog is an homage to The Great Gatsby and my header image is from a movie (see below), I approach content by examining both what it’s trying to convey, and how it utilizes the medium through which it conveys that message. Each medium’s approaches and limitations allow for different sorts of expressions, which I hope to get into on a case-by-case basis. While the attempt may be futile (hence the mediocrity), it’s the venture that counts. Everyone remembers the green light across the bay, rather than what possibly could have taken its place.

(For those interested, the header image is a frame from Chungking Express, a 1994 film by Wong-Kar Wai that you will definitely learn more about on here.)